Safe-T Station
Burn and Personal Protection

Safely Collect Samples of Liquid Asphalt

Stansteel’s AC Verification Station is a safe collection method for obtaining hot liquid AC samples from a pressurized line. Collect your samples for testing in a contained, controlled and safe environment. Easily sample, mark, store and test incoming material.

Upon easy installation, the Safe-T Station A.C. Sampler immediately starts preventing burn injuries by enclosing the sample collection container before discharging the hot liquid A.C. Large enough to enclose a one gallon sample, the operator can view the fill level of the collection container through the sample station’s viewing glass door.

Stansteel’s Safe-T Station takes safety one step further by not allowing operation of the plug valve handle unless the enclosure door is securely shut tight in the closed position

Injuries on the Job Hurt.

Liquid asphalt burns are severe and potentially fatal. The Safe-T Sampler protects your hardworking team from these very painful injuries without sacrificing time or quality control. Contractor lost time injuries are costly and can lower safety ratings and lead to legal issues. The Safe-T Sampler provides a reliable and safe solution to protect your team and company from these sampling accidents.

Keep your crew safe without sacrificing accuracy. Contact us today to learn more about the Safe-T Station.

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  • 3″ or 4″ thermal jacketed liquid asphalt lines.
  • Lockable safety latch to hold the plug valve handle in the closed position for maximum safety when not in use.
  • Easy installation that increases safety and plant productivity.

Minimize the risk of injury collecting asphalt samples with the Safe-T Station AC Sampler