Tank Tracker Benefits for the Accounting Department

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This accounting team now loves counting more than just beans! One of the reasons that the accounting department for one of our larger, multi-plant customers used to dread assembling their month-end inventory reports was due to the hassle involved with requesting and gathering the liquid A.C. tank levels from their multiple plants.

6 Ways to Pay for Your Control System in a Matter of Weeks

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Did you know there are 6 ways to pay for your control system in a matter of weeks? Unbelievably, DID YOU KNOW that many companies only calibrate their belt scales once a year (if that)? How would you like to have a built-in calibration deviation alert for both your belt scales and your liquid A.C. metering?

Bonus Depreciation

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We know. Taxes aren’t the most thrilling topic, but we think understanding the Tax Cuts and Job Act will lead to some sensational savings for you. We’ve compiled the highlights and we’ll try to make it as painless as possible! In December of 2017, President Trump signed into law, the Tax Cuts and Job

Problems maintaining heat in the A.C. Tanks even with the heater running non-stop!

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The Stansteel and Hotmix Parts & Service Team was contacted by a customer in hopes of figuring out what was wrong with their plant and hot oil system. They had a horizontal A.C. tank and a 30,000-gallon vertical A.C. tank from Brand X. Their hot oil heater had a 2.2M BTU output capacity. The

What a difference the right air system makes?

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When you purchase a new car and the engine light illuminates as you drive off the lot, it would be considered a lemon. It has many manufacturing defects and those defects effects its performance. Unfortunately, even hundred-thousand-dollar asphalt plant equipment can be lemons. A large multi-national asphalt producer purchased a new counterflow drum

An Urban Batch Plant Operation Gets a Second Life

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An Urban Batch Plant Operation Gets a Second Life A plant operating for decades faced production challenges presented by a sprawling urban environment. Learn how the Stansteel team stepped in to find creative solutions and save the plant over $4 million dollars. The problem. A contractor operating a batch plant contacted Stansteel/Hotmix

ConExpo…What is it?

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ConExpo - What is It? Over the last few weeks we have been promoting on Facebook and Linkedin the fact that we will have a booth at CONEXPO-CON/AGG. Some of our followers may not know what CONEXPO-CON/AGG is. If you fall into that category, here is what the event is all about! CONEXPO-CON/AGG

The Cost of Improper Tire and Trunnion Adjustment

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Equipment rotating on an inclined support develops a downhill axial thrust from the weight of the unit and product. Most rotating equipment is designed so that this axial thrust needs to be offset by force developed from skewing the trunnion rollers in a precise manner. The T-Trac® Alignment System establishes a properly skewed trunnion