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It’s what you’ve always wanted for precise measurement of liquid AC without the waste.

tru-flo tru-flo

The Tru-Flo AC Pump and Metering Assembly is a state-of-the-art continuous pumping and electronic asphalt metering assembly built to ensure precise measurement of liquid asphalt.

The system is completely skid mounted. Its inlets and outlets are flanged, and all internal parts are jacketed and plumbed for hot oil for quick field installation.

A removable basket strainer is provided on the inlet side of the pump skid. A 3-way valve is controlled using a solenoid to direct the flow from the AC tank to the plant. A second 3-way valve is provided to manually divert the flow to the tanker during the AC meter calibration.

An AC motor is used to drive the asphalt pump. A variable frequency drive is included to control the pump speed pending flow requirement. By changing the speed of the motor, the rate of the asphalt flow changes.

The operation of the Tru-Flo AC Pump Skid has a special rotor which is the only moving part in the system. Attached to one end of the motor is an optical encoder. As the asphalt flows through the asphalt meter, the encoder turns and sends a signal back to the electronics. A temperature sensor indicates the asphalt temperature, providing additional feedback to the electronics. The electronic controller also provides automatic temperature compensation.

One moving meter part reduces the chances for out-of-tolerance conditions. Adding precise electronic calculations gives the meter an accuracy of 0.2%. In comparison, other asphalt flow meters maintain an accuracy of between 0.5 to 5%. This translates into a dramatic annual cost saving by lowering the amount of liquid asphalt used.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Tru-Flo AC Pump Skid is an excellent replacement for the old-style “Brodie Type” meters and completely eliminates multiple gear electronic stack-ups.