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Even though the RAP Gator has been around for some time, we have redesigned it to innovate the handling of the rugged demands of shattering chunks of asphalt, millings, and RAS that have stuck back together.

Sizes material to your specs. Shatters phone book size millings down to one inch or less giving you 250 TPH of spec material without plugging, or giving you baseball size chunks or hard compressed material. It maintains your specified milling size by ripping materials that have stuck together. Even settled RAP piles are shattered and broken. Large chunks don’t float on top. Its hardened steel teeth, with chrome-carbide plated tips, devour 40-pound chunks with ease. It can save your season by rejecting scrap metal and large stones that foul equipment downstream. It improves heat transfer by generating consistently finer material. You save energy and reduce the temperature of exhaust gas that feeds into the baghouse or wet collector. Portable or stationary, batch plant or drum mixer, the Turbo RAP Gator® makes recycle more profitable than ever before. It can be installed with an entire Hotmix Parts recycle system, or it will retrofit to your existing RAP system. Contact us today for more information!

rap gator

The Rap Gator’s Massive Teeth: Crush RAP chunks into usable recycle product with ease. Massive construction assures performance with minimal maintenance.