The Tank Tracker™ app allows you to monitor specific operations of your plant on the go.

The app functions on any smart phone and works seamlessly with the Stansteel / Hotmix Parts & Service Tank Management System. Now you don’t have to be physically at the plant to know the status of your tanks and silos.

Benefits of Tank Tracker™ include:

  • Observe tank levels in real time

  • Monitor Hot Oil Heater vitals

  • Instant error alerts

  • Allow team access

  • Contact information immediately available

Plant op with tank tracker app
Checking application

The app allows you to monitor specific operations of your plant. While using it you can: observe tank and silo levels in real-time, keep track of temperatures, monitor hot oil heater vitals, receive error alerts, allow team access, and more.

Completely mobile-friendly, the app can be operated on a computer, tablet or any smart phone.

We have designed the Tank Tracker™ app to give you everything you need to monitor your plant anytime, anywhere.

Downloadable PDF for Tank Tracker <<<

state of the art monitoring at your fingertips.