Tank Tracker app interface view

The Tank Tracker app allows you to monitor specific operations of your plant on the go.

The app functions on any smart phone and works seamlessly with the Stansteel/Hotmix Parts & Service Tank Management System. Now you don’t have to be physically at the plant to know the status of your tanks and silos.

With the Tank Tracker app, you can:

  • Observe tank and silo levels in real-time
  • Keep track of important temperatures
  • Monitor Hot Oil Heater vitals
  • Instant error alerts allow team access and more
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Monitor Your Plant Anytime, Anywhere.

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State of the art monitoring at your fingertips

Tank Tracker Phone App Screen Demonstration

Benefits of the Stansteel Tank Management System

Wilbert Best explains the benefits of our Stansteel Tank Management System at ConExpo 2020

Our Tank Management System features: