Stansteel Tank Manager system
Stansteel Tank Manager system

The Tank Manager System allows you to monitor and regulate all of your AC tanks and hotmix silos.

Users can set individual tank high/low parameters for level and temperature to initiate a pump shutdown, thus preventing tank overflows. In addition, you can operate AC tank supply, return, and fill valves with the push of a button.

The System also allows you to send emails and texts to specific individuals notifying them during alarm events that action needs to be taken, such as “Low Hot Oil Temperature.”

Prevent Tank Spills
Avoid AC Waste and Contamination
Remote Control All Valves and Pumps
Know Exact Silo and Tank Levels 24/7 from Anywhere
New Non-Contact Accu-Level Technology.

Operate AC tank supply, return, and fill valves with the push of a button.

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Completely mobile-friendly

The Tank Manager system can be operated on a computer or any smart phone. Simply put, the Tank Manager gives you the control to run your business while it runs your tanks.

Stansteel Tank Manager
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Stansteel valve control
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Benefits of the Stansteel Tank Management System

Wilbert Best explains the benefits of our Stansteel Tank Management System at ConExpo 2020

Our Tank Management System features: