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The T-Trac™ Alignment can save your operations tens of thousands of dollars in premature trunnion and tire wear. Helps avoid emergency shutdowns for trunnion and thrust roller interference.
  • Sets trunnion thrust with confidence
  • Establishes true neutral trunnion roller positioning
  • A MUST for trunnion drive dryers/drums
  • Has digital indicators for real-time adjustments
  • Designed with over 1,500+ combined years of alignment experience
How it works: Dryers, drum mixers, rotary mixers and other rotary equipment rotating on an inclined support develop a downhill axial thrust from the weight of the equipment and product. Most rotating equipment is designed such that this axial thrust needs to be offset by force developed from skewing the trunnion rollers in a precise manner. The T-TRAC™ establishes a properly skewed trunnion roller setting to thrust the equipment in the uphill direction.