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This company had operated a moderately sized batch plant for a number of years. They determined that they needed to go to both a higher production rate as well as the ability to run more RAP material. The company worked with the Stansteel Used Equipment Group to provide an economic solution which would include primarily a used plant and also upgrading to their rigid state specifications. Stansteel found a good, used Standard Havens Low Rider 300 TPH drum mix plant.

The customer chose not to use the CMI 65 ton self-erect pop-up silo and felt that they wanted more capacity. We matched a 200-ton silo and slat conveyor for it and custom designed a very elaborate dust runaround system that was required by their state. It, in effect, weighed the dust coming out of the baghouse and weighed the dust going back into the process. This unit had our Accu-Track™ Controls and, therefore, it was a minimum to upgrade for precise weighing and measuring that was required. The final result was that the customer closed down their batch plant soon after getting started up and has been very successful running in a lower cost, lower fuel usage and more RAP production profile.