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This west coast customer wanted a massive hotmix facility that would preclude them needing to have multiple facilities outside an urban area. They had just installed a multi-million dollar aggregate facility and wanted a big production asphalt plant. They commissioned Stansteel to design and build a custom plant that turns out to be the largest plant in the world.

This unit has material handling capabilities of over 900 tons per hour. The plant operated up to 830 tons per hour of production, but two 988 Caterpillar front-end loaders could not keep up with the material feed to the plant. The plant normally cruises at 675 tons per hour, has multiple recycle capabilities, a 12′ x 50′ dryer, rotary recycle mixer, 125,000 ACFM baghouse, and four 330 ton hotmix silos.

The plant has produced millions of tons with minimal downtime and maintenance cost. The maintenance has primarily been bucket elevator chain and certain dryer flights that have been replaced. A set of bags for the baghouse normally lasts over 1½ million tons.