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The company is one of the largest producers in their state and owned a very solid parallel flow Boeing drum mixer. The unit did not have a RAP collar, however, the customer had acquired some huge piles of RAP in excess of 150,000 tons.

Even though they had very restrictive permit and zoning laws, Stansteel was able to custom design a number of components to convert their existing parallel flow dryer to a counterflow dryer and feed into a new Rotary Recycle Mixer. In addition, two new Stansteel RAP bins were added, a special primary collector was custom designed in order to satisfy their state emission requirements and permitting. A number of modifications and upgrades were made to the screening and proportioning. The customer was able to fit the equipment in a very physical tight location and has been operating making an excellent quality mix by utilization of the Rotary Recycle Mixer and the road crews have been extremely pleased with the product quality and output.