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We offer a wide selection of portable, skid-mounted, horizontal and vertical tanks…all specifically built to your exact requirements.

Vertical or horizontal – you make the call. Stansteel® manufactures brand new AC or fuel tanks in either configuration. Using our asphalt tanks with our agitation system offers you production of high-performance asphalt at significant cost savings. Stansteel’s asphalt storage tanks are built to heat and store even the most sensitive liquid asphalt mixtures. Superpave’s modified liquid asphalts, complete with an infinite variety of polymer mixtures, are fast pushing standard asphalt storage techniques into obsolescence.

That’s why you get several standard features with Stansteel® asphalt storage tanks that, even when available from other manufacturers, come only as expensive options. Stansteel® tanks have more coil surface than any others on the marketplace. You heat asphalt more consistently – at hotter temperatures -maintaining a generous reserve for high production. High-density industrial insulation locks the heat inside.

Another comprehensive AC storage tank and AC handling system by Stansteel. Pictured are two 30,000 gallon AC tanks with unloading pump, manifold and well designed jacketed AC piping and valving.

Pictured are three 30,000 gallon AC tanks. Why is the Stansteel so much taller? That’s why they are referred to as Tru-Stor™. We also feature comprehensive and complete Tanks with valving, maximum thermal retention fiberboard insulation, several options on level indicators and safety access provisions. Note the Stansteel anti-strip tank and metering system at the bottom right.