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The best transforming upgrade for Batch Plants. This System converts your batch plant into the latest technology counterflow drum mixer with very high recycling capability.


The Rotary Recycle Mixer Conversion Package makes your batch or drum mixer plant a unique hybrid, incorporating the best features of both batch and drum types of plants. Using the Rotary Recycle Mixer Conversion Package provides the high-quality hotmix you expect of a batch plant coupled with the high yields of drum mixer production.

You get the very best of both facilities, while completely avoiding the problems inherent in each type of plant. It turns a batch plant into a continuous production facility, just like a drum mixer. When installed in a drum mixer plant, it separates the mixing and the drying processes, enabling you to generate premium quality hotmix at maximum speed – using high recycle material content – without blue smoke problems or heat degradation.

PROVEN – coast to coast – add a Rotary Recycle Mixer™ to old dryers or drum mixers to achieve the ultimate recycling capabilities. Many have run millions of tons at 25% – 35% – 40% RAP or more with no clean out required and extremely low maintenance. (NO PAINFUL JACKHAMMERING TO CLEAN OUT EVERY 40,000 TONS AS REQUIRED BY CERTAIN DESIGNS.)

Whether you install the Rotary Recycle Mixer Conversion package at a batch plant or drum mixer plant, you will get the capabilities of a new $4,000,000 facility at a fraction of a new plant’s cost.