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10 reasons why the RAP Eater is the best solution for your problematic Triple Drum.

Increased performance & life of shell while maintaining the beneficial aspects of the Triple Drum design.

High production rate, high RAP usage and fuel efficiency.

Portable and stationary design, with no disassembly required for transport.

The RAP Eater drum is continuous throughout its length. This major design improvement eliminates the inherent weak structural points and high wear areas of the Triple Drum.

Eliminates the costly inner stainless steel combustion chamber on the Triple Drum by replacing it with individual stainless steel panels and flights. These are mounted to the solid shell instead of being suspended from outer RAP shell making the combustion chamber area much stronger and maintenance friendly.

Upgraded inlet spiral flights of the RAP section help promote proper material flow through the RAP area.

New RAP chutes, placed at the point of material returning to the main drum, help to direct material toward the mixing zone.

Outer RAP shell will be replaced by 3/8″ thick high-strength and abrasion-resistant steel on portable units (1/2″ thick on stationary units) eliminating the need for liners and providing increased wear life with no weight added to affect portability.

A new breech-style RAP housing, equipped with spiral flighting, promotes smooth flow of RAP into the drum and eliminates spillage – a problematic design flaw of the single plate RAP entry of the Triple Drum.

Our new design (RAP housing) will also allow for heavy fines from the primary collector or other materials to be introduced at the RAP collar. Mixing RAP with the dust heavy fines eliminates blockage at the point of RAP entry into the drum, especially when using RAS. This will decrease wear on the existing fines return system and allow for superior fines management for improved mix quality.

The RAP Eater is the best solution for your problematic Triple Drum.

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