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The following customers have experienced the benefits of upgrading their plant based on Stansteel recommendations and have had very successful operations. You can also become a Stansteel success story! Contact us today to talk with an upgrade specialist to make your plant run better!

Customer Situation/Issue: The customer had an opportunity because of changing specifications in their state about adding tear-off style shingles as opposed to only the recycling tabs of shingles. Needed to be able to feed and add in a reliable manner.

Stansteel Solution: Stansteel evaluated the process which was a Counterflow Drum operation. The company also needed an improved way of feeding their recycle material so two custom-designed recycle style bins were engineered; one for regular hotmix asphalt RAP and the other for adding the reclaimed tear-off shingles. One of the unique characteristics was that there still were some nails present in the recycle asphalt shingle and a powerful magnet was installed prior to discharge of the RAS into the scalping screen. In addition, it was engineered so that each material was separately fed to the screen so there would be less volume of material to remove the nails and other contaminants. The unit has operated successfully with the customer using various percentages of both RAP and shingles with RAP going up to 30% and shingles going up to 8%. These recycle shingle had over 25% liquid asphalt in the volume so, therefore, for every 4% of shingle added, 1% of liquid asphalt was saved from the virgin asphalt supply.