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The following customers have experienced the benefits of upgrading their plant based on Stansteel recommendations and have had very successful operations. You can also become a Stansteel success story! Contact us today to talk with an upgrade specialist to make your plant run better!

Previous Plant Condition: The company is in an environmentally sensitive state and their parallel flow drum had a lot of wear and was extremely limited on the amount of recycle that could be added.

Stansteel Solution: The customer saved a great deal of money by keeping most of their existing equipment including cold feed, tanks, baghouse, silo system and controls. Stansteel custom engineered a Counterflow Drum Conversion to fit in the existing site with a new long-nosed burner, new recycle system and new primary knockout box that had not been needed because of the lower dust loading that is common with parallel flow drums. The whole conversion was custom engineered, manufactured and installed in time for the normal season start-up.