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The following customers have experienced the benefits of upgrading their plant based on Stansteel recommendations and have had very successful operations. You can also become a Stansteel success story! Contact us today to talk with an upgrade specialist to make your plant run better!

Previous Plant Condition: The plant operating conditions were that the plant production was not up to the plant design standard or production needed.

After Evaluation by Stansteel: It was determined that there was a great deal of static pressure or pressure drop within the customer’s air handling system. They still had a multi-cone type primary collector and a reverse air type baghouse. After recommendations by Stansteel including changing to a knockout box and conversion to a Pulsemaster conversion on top of their baghouse, the entire plant breathed easier, the burner was able to get enough air/oxygen for proper combustion and the production rate was increased by over 35% and 150 tons per hour.