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The following customers have experienced the benefits of upgrading their plant based on Stansteel recommendations and have had very successful operations. You can also become a Stansteel success story! Contact us today to talk with an upgrade specialist to make your plant run better!

Previous Plant Condition: A company was in a large quarry location, however, there was a housing expansion nearby and the new residents of these expensive homes were complaining about blue smoke and noise coming from the plant operation. The company was grandfather of the location, but did not need a public relations problem.

After Conversion by Stansteel: Within a few months, some of the nearby residents called to find out if the plant had moved. In fact, the equipment had been converted to a Stansteel Counterflow Dryer and Rotary Recycle Mixer. A 100% air “silent” burner was added to the process and all of the recycle and liquid asphalt was mixed outside the gas stream thereby eliminating a chance for blue smoke emissions. The company is still operating successfully at this location almost 20 years later.