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The following customers have experienced the benefits of upgrading their plant based on Stansteel recommendations and have had very successful operations. You can also become a Stansteel success story! Contact us today to talk with an upgrade specialist to make your plant run better!

Customer Business Opportunity/Threat: The customer had been growing to a larger volume in a market and a quarry location became available because of the exit of another competitor. They needed to have a plant to anchor this location but were very limited by their corporate structure annual capital budgeting.

After Stansteel Recommendations: Stansteel came up with a Combo New/Used Drum Mix Plant. The plant had certain new components such as cold feeds, electronic controls and an asphalt tank and a new Pulsejet Baghouse by Stansteel. Used components included a reconditioned drum mixer, 200 ton silo system and other plant components. The customer was able to purchase this for less than 65% price of new, however, it performed and gave the tonnage and helped anchor this new quarry location. The plant operated and produced tonnage as expected and promised and has been a dependable performer for years.