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look lock n load camera view with ai overlay

Revolutionize asphalt plant safety with AI-powered monitoring.

Stansteel’s Look, Lock ‘n Load System is a breakthrough method for asphalt plant operators to load trucks while avoiding the danger of dropping silo loads onto truck cabs or other incorrect loadout positions.

Using a training A.I. (artificial intelligence) model, the system essentially has “computer vision” – mathematically using images to train the neural network. Our A.I.-based scanning and visual identification technology is like what is used by Amazon and UPS for rapid, high-volume package sorting as well as by the U.S.A. for military applications including the targeting of strike-zones.

The Look, Lock ‘n Load System digitally scans an image of incoming trucks and differentiates between the truck’s cab and its loadout bed. The display indicates a red zone for the tractor cab and a green zone for the loading bed. Also recognizing the truck’s position, it links to the silo loadout system to confirm when a specific truck is in the loading zone, approving the silo gates to open. The console allows manual load override and an optional keylock to prevent bypass loadouts, if so desired by plant managers. And it will interface with any brand loadout system.

As an additional safety feature, the system will alert of any unsafe conditions including a hard hat, human face, or front-end loader in the loading zone. Look, Lock ‘n Load System components include a high-resolution camera, a digital recognition computer and console, and a panel for monitoring each silo.

Stansteel's Look Lock 'n Load

Load your trucks safely and efficiently with AI technology.

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AI-driven safety innovation: Look, Lock ‘N Load sets the new standard.

A dump truck under a silo being loaded with hot mix asphalt

Advanced AI Technology for Unprecedented Safety.

Powerful benefits of the Look, Lock ‘n Load System include eliminating the common risk and real danger of dropping hotmix loads onto truck cabs, and reducing operator stress by assuring that the silos will never allow loadout during unsafe conditions.

A look lock 'n load truck position diagram showing load zone.