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Revolution in liquid on-line blending: The ACCU-SHEAR ADVANCED. ACCU-SHEAR ADVANCED

  • SAVES significant operational and material cost.
  • Blend liquids at the plant. Avoid upcharges by the AC terminal for expensive additives or “pre-blended” high specification liquid AC.
  • A by-pass mode is designed to immediately return to hotmix production.
  • Reduce the cost and need for mechanical agitation within AC storage tanks or re-circulation.
  • Makes the plant multi-function and can reduce material re-handling for cold mix or specialty patching materials.
liquid ac blending

Pre-assembled skid assemblies for the various liquids. The units contain the pumps, metering system, electrical interlocks and other critical items to assure accuracy. Depending on the liquid, a tote structure is provided and certain units have automatic refilling provisions.

liquid ac blending

Custom Designed and configured ACCU-SHEAR™ ADVANCED to blend up to five liquids with the regular AC. The customer wanted the maximum flexibility to utilize anti-strip, latex, fuel oil, special cold mix chemical additive and water. After even the initial runs, the customer reported that this was the best mix that the plant had ever made.