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Includes Mineral Filler, Dust, Hydrated Lime, Flyash and other material handling.

Custom designed dust systems are another specialty of Stansteel. We can work with contracting companies to utilize their baghouse fines and meter them back into the plant properly so as not to disrupt the liquid A.C. percentage that has been required by the state agency. Many different state agencies required one, two or more dust additive control systems and separate metering. As an example, there are some locations that require hydrated lime to be combined with the virgin aggregate, some require hydrated lime for both the virgin aggregate and recycle and, in fact, require a separate pugmill mixing process in order to pre-coat the materials.

In other situations, specialty products may be required that would normally be wasted such as flyash or other granular materials such as glass or other pellets feeding into the system.

Basic dust runarounds that are required in some states merely demand that a constant dust flow is maintained so that there is an even metering of the dust to the process. Stansteel has custom designed all types of systems like this from small three or four cu. yd. units up to 2,000 barrel sophisticated mineral filler and lime handling systems with weigh depletion pods, electronic control interlock and complete control, especially with the Stansteel Accu-Track™ Control System.

dust handling

dust handling

Custom designed dust handling system for a special state requirement included finding two used silos and equipping one to handle hydrated lime the other to meter a special purchased mineral filler. A new Stansteel reverse weigh pod was installed on each. Other equipment included heavy duty rotary airlocks and dust blowers and baghouse dust run around system to maintain an even flow of baghouse fines.