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Dollar-for-dollar this Stansteel HOTMIX DYNAMO™ out-performs the other 6,000+ asphalt plants in America.

The Double Drum™ Plant by Stansteel® has revolutionized the quality production of hotmix asphalt throughout North America. The Double Drum Plant is offered in a combination of different sizes, configurations and is offered by utilizing existing equipment, used equipment or a completely all new facility.

The principle of the Double Drum Plant is that heating, drying and removal of steam and the products of combustion is accomplished in one rotary vessel, the Counterflow Drying Drum, and other processes are accomplished in a separate mixing and blending drum. In the second drum, or the Rotary Recycle Mixer™, the aggregate, liquid asphalt, dust, recycle material, recycle shingles, fibers, liquid additives and many other products can be introduced.

The beauty of this concept is that each device is specifically designed and configured to accomplish its purpose. The dryer accomplishes heating, drying, heat transfer and efficient operation while the separate Rotary Recycle Mixer accomplishes and is designed and configured in a manner that accomplishes this mixing, blending, churning and outstanding coating of mix going to the rest of production process and out to make quality roads and highways. There are many details into the proper configuration, but the dryer is positioned at one angle and rotational speed to operate in its most effective manner and the rotary mixing unit is positioned at a different angle and different rotational speed to give extended coating and mixing time. Producers, contractors and paving superintendents all over have exclaimed at the exceptional quality of the material that is exiting from the Rotary Recycle Mixer. It is a combination of how the mix is turned and churned in the bottom of the unit, as well as the extended time to coat all of the ingredients including recycle, stone, sand, fibers, shingles and everything else. In specific testing done, Stansteel has determined that it is common for the material being processed through the rotary mixer to have near a 70-second dwell or mixing time in the rotary mixing unit. This exceeds batch plant standards in virtually all areas of North America. In addition, since the process is accomplished in a continuous mode, it is smooth, even and is not characterized by dry spots of mix or extra dust in one area or another. Performance bonus earned by the producer firms are very common with the Double Drum Plant.

The design configuration in the manner that is offered through Double Drum Plants is also of tremendous value to many existing producers because they already have a counterflow dryer or have a parallel flow unit that could be converted. They are utilizing often the dryer shell, tires, trunnions, burners, emission control baghouse and other devices on their plant and simply adding a separate mixing vessel to accomplish the mixing and blending in a manner that is outside the airstream and helps avoid any blue smoke or pollution problems that are common with earlier model drum mixers. These double drum plants are proven for millions of tons of production. A number of existing owners report that they have never had to jackhammer or dig out the rotary mixer units and the proven counterflow drying technology gives them so many advantages from a maintenance, production and efficient operation.

The configuration of adding rotary mixers or an entire double drum arrangement can be evaluated based on an existing producer’s set of conditions and his future plans for the plant production operation. Please let us know if you require more details on the process.