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Why do some hotmix producers build their own AC terminals? Why do they keep them secret for years?

It is not common knowledge that there are many contractors and hotmix producers who have built their own AC terminals and kept quiet about it. Why? Because it gives them a major competitive advantage! Some contractors have arranged to buy liquid AC on the spot market and get it from places ranging from Alabama to New Jersey to Georgia. It may be moved to their facility by barge or rail car. Stansteel offers a variety of combinations of distribution, unloading, and storage systems.

One of the most significant changes is the portable or modular AC terminal. This is a very new concept of “just-in-time” rail distribution. In the “just-in-time” plan, the rail cars are scheduled in and serve as the main AC holding and inventory system. Trucks are unloaded directly from the rail cars, and go to the asphalt plants, factories, or other industries that utilize liquid AC. The initial investment is lower, since a large tank does not have to be installed and permitted. These systems can be installed and in use in record time.

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