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In addition to offering excellent pricing on brand new replacement units, used burners are usually available from our stock, or reconditioned at dramatic prices.

Stansteel has a wide range of burners that are available for any process used on an asphalt plant. This can be anything from the main aggregate dryer/drum mixer burner up to and including the burners on hot oil heaters and ductwork burners that are more common when low-temperature mixes are made.


For the main burners on the drying process, we have standard sizes from 20Milllion to 250Million BTU. This includes what is known as the “Open Burner without Combustion Chamber” bringing in secondary air around the burner and utilizing that air for much of the combustion and process air. We also have very sophisticated “Total Air Burners” that control the air and fuel ratios as well as long nose burners for counterflow drums and other type processes.

Burners are also available for hot oil heaters, direct fired heaters and other tank heaters for storage of emulsions, liquid asphalt and other process material such as latex, polymer modifiers and warm mix options such as foam, chemicals and other items to assist the making of the best products for 21st Century hotmix and warm mix production.