Running an asphalt plant requires a number of parts working together seamlessly in order to achieve top notch results. As with any complex machinery, problems can arise and need attention.

One example of this was when a customer had problems maintaining heat in their A.C. Tanks even though the heater was running non-stop. The Stansteel-Hotmix Parts Team was asked to access what was wrong with the plant, especially the hot oil system. The facility operated with horizontal and vertical A.C. tanks that were purchased from a different supplier. The hot oil heater had an output capacity of 2.2M BTU and was literally running all of the time. It was having a very difficult time keeping and maintaining the temperature in the tank, even though they were getting at least 300° temperature delivery from the A.C. terminal.

After taking several tests, taking readings on the equipment and monitoring the operation, the Stansteel-Hotmix Parts Team made the following follow recommendations:

The Team recommended adding another 30,000 StanSteel Tru-Stor Tank and a new hot oil heater. Based on calculations, the system would only need a 1.5M BTU heater to heat the tanks and the circulation system. This suggestion caused some confusion for the customer. If the existing 2.2M BTU heater could not keep up, how could a 1.5M handle the larger heating task?

Good question! The answer was that there were a series of problems. The old heater was 2.2M BTU output but was very inefficient because it had a high-stack-temperature. It was also determined that there had not been fresh heat transfer oil replaced in the unit for years, maybe even decades. In addition the pipes on much of the system were clogged and they could not get the heat transferred through the system.

It was recommended that the plant use Liquid Hammer to circulate through the lines to help clean out all the coking, build up and gunk. It was also recommended using new heat transfer oil. After running Liquid Hammer through the system, approximately four 55-gallon drums of sludge was extracted, and the filters that were circulating the oil had to be repeatedly cleaned out. After installation of the 1.5M BTU heater, everything worked very well! The Stansteel 1.5M BTU heater has a modulating burner and operated only 45% of the time. They also added the security that comes with the Hotmix Parts NiteOwl Plant Alert System which notifies the plant operator anytime there would be a loss in temperature below a set point or trip out.

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