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For production, efficiency, precision and performance that hits the target every time,
choose Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products.

For over 75 years, Stansteel has built the latest technology, most accurate and durable batch plant in the business. From 1,000 to 16,000 pounds, complete systems to stand-alone components, a Stansteel batch plant is an investment in the entire future of your business.

Stansteel batch plants permit a level of control unparalleled in the industry. They feature multiple screen deck systems for precise aggregate screening, patented high-speed jacketed mixers, as well as full-width asphalt discharge controls, and Accu-Batch™, our state-of-the-art batch controls for precise aggregate proportioning and ticketing. Combine all this with rugged components like large capacity silos, efficient pollution controls, and accurate A.C. handling equipment, and you’ve got a plant that keeps you well ahead of your competitors.

We’ve entered a new era in Hotmix Asphalt Production. With the advent of high specification mixes, end result requirement Superpave and PMAC (polymer modified A.C.), your customers now demand a higher quality mix. So don’t take chances. Choose the batch plant that has proven itself the very best way to control your mix design: Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products.

Stansteel eliminates pollution problems before they begin with computerized control of aggregate feed, liquid asphalt, RAP, temperature, air inputs, etc. The Stansteel baghouse is 99.9% efficient. Stansteel dryers, drum mixers, and Rotary Recycle Mixers, offer the ultimate in heating, drying, and productive results.

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