Our advanced warm mix system.

The Accu-Shear® is a comprehensive assembly custom engineered to offer the advantages of accurately injecting water, other liquid additives or a combination of these materials. Liquid asphalt and water do not mix naturally, in fact, they will separate if possible. The principle that the Accu-Shear operates under is the shearing process of forcing the two (or more) liquids to mix together.

The shear mill and the mixing action that takes place with the application of horsepower are similar to an emulsion process. By mechanically blending, in lieu of simply injecting, the producer avoids the inherent nature of laminar fluid flow. By positively blending the additives with the liquid asphalt, the foaming action is DRAMATICALLY INCREASED. More importantly, the fusion is maintained for a longer period.

The Custom Engineered Accu-Shear Multiple Purpose Additive Blending System consists of the following components which emphasize performance, accuracy, ease of installation, operation and adaptability. The system consists of the following main assemblies, all of which are integral to the performance of the system:

Accu-Shear Stansteel


• Additive blending shear/mill with heavy duty Premium Efficiency motor, V-belt drive and variable speed.
• Electric solenoid valve provided for bypassing the Shear Mill when blending is not required.
• Jacketed A.C. piping complete with jumper lines.
• Multiple injection ports for additional additives.
• Heavy duty support frame assembly.
• T.E.F.C. variable speed motor directly coupled to pump.
• High pressure (up to 1000 psi) piston pump, .2 to 3.5 gpm.
• Two pressure gauges.
• Pressure relief valve.
• Flow meter, non-mechanical, multiple outputs, .15 to 11.0 gpm accuracy.
• 3-way actuator valve with position indication and position switches.
• Heat lamp, 1000 watt, to keep cabinet components from freezing during cold weather conditions.
• Manual flow valves for calibration, draining and isolation.
• Water strainer filtration.
• Main power panel disconnect.
• Terminal strip for ease of wiring.
• Control relays for definitive interlocking.
• Motor Circuit Protectors (MCP) with short circuit/overload functionality.
• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for the shear mill and water pump.
• Permits monitoring of blending.
• Determine foaming expansion and volume.
• 275 gallon water tote.
• Fill valve with auto shutoff.
• Heavy duty frame with WATER and ELECTRICAL enclosure mounted.
• Lifting eyes and forklift pads.

stansteel articles / benefits

Articles Coming Soon

  • Reduced mix temps save fuel
  • Cost-effective tank management
  • High return on investment when grade bumping
  • Reduction in roller passes
  • Increased haul times
  • Increased storage time
  • Reduced emissions
  • Increased workability
  • Ability to expand into tomorrow’s market
  • SUPERIOR coating of aggregates during HMA and WMA production


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