Reliability in equipment is essential to a profitable asphalt operation. Just a small interruption in production can effect a company’s bottom line. If your plant is not operational then you are not making money. At Stansteel our main purpose is to get you up and running no matter what equipment you are using. We are not only experts on our components but are experts on our competitors components. We can fix your problem. Here is a great example.

APAC- Central, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, purchased a Gencor 600 TPH super plant in 2005. Over the next 10 years they experienced nothing but trouble from the 11’6” x 50’ dryer. During that time they sheared off 28 thrust rollers, broke rigging bolts, wore off the discharge sweep end ring and never had operational control of the drum. Gencor worked on the problems but was unable to fix the issues. Hoping to remedy the situation, APAC purchased new trunnions and trunnion bases from Dillman but that didn’t work either. In fact, the problem became more severe. Their next step was to bring in an independent company to fix the issues. But that company failed to get the drum under control. Break-downs became so predictable that APAC was forced to purchase a machine to help change-out the broken thrust roller.

After several attempts to fix the situation, a Stansteel Rep met with APAC to discuss the drum- control issue. An initial inspection was done. Later, Stansteel Engineering and the Rep re-visited the site for further inspection and to measure the drum. Two of Stansteel’s sister companies, Industrial Kiln & Dryer and Louisville Dryer Company, were brought into the conversation on how to address the drum-control issue. It was determined that the drum frame, although mounted on concrete piers, had no gusset support or enough trunnion cross beam to support the weight of the drum – especially when loaded. Recommendations were engineered and submitted to APAC. The suggested remedy was to stabilize the dryer by isolating the trunnion bases onto concrete piers. APAC agreed with the solution and the project was set into motion.

Stansteel Service was in charge of the change-out of the shell and Louisville Dryer Company was on-site to shoot in and inspect the grout portion of the trunnion bases. After everything was aligned and the trunnions set, start-up was a success. As of January, 2016 the drum has produced mix flawlessly and under control. The trunnion drive motor AMPS dropped and stack temps are the best they have ever been. Problem solved!

The return on investment can’t be added up accurately. Imagine breaking off a thrust roller with five empty silos, trucks and paving crews standing by on a 6,000 ton day – 28 times!! That situation should never happen, and at Stansteel we will do whatever it takes to get you up and running for the long term. That’s why the only call you need to make is to Stansteel. We help your plant run better!