Integrates all of your plants systems.

The Accu-Track™ is a comprehensive system for controlling the entire plant, from proportioning the cold feed bins to selecting the storage silos. With today’s high production rates and stringent state specifications, it is essential that all possible control be provided to insure maximum plant operation with minimum downtime and superior mix quality.

The Accu-Track™ system is the only system in the asphalt industry to control all operations using a standard off-the-shelf industrial computer. All other manufacturers use either a PLC (Programming Logic Controller) and retail style computer or they use specially designed E-Prom chip cards for basic plant blending.

The software has been developed with both the plant personnel and office management in mind. Some of the control capabilities of the system are:

Mix Designs – 200, with 8-digit mix number and 32-character mix descriptions
Aggregate Feeders – 14, with tachometer feedback or individual belt scales
Recycle Feeders – 4, with individual belt scales or one central belt scale for both
Asphalt Pumps – 2, with separate metering and blending capabilities
Fillers – 4, with volumetric or weigh depletion control
Liquid Additives – 4, volumetric or metering control
Storage Silos – 12, with automatic selection capability

A comprehensive system for controlling your plant.

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