What is an “Accu-Level”?


Determining the material amount in your silos using antiquated mechanical bindicators and paddles is a thing of the past with Hotmix Parts’ new Accu-Level for silos. This innovative piece of equipment makes it so that you never second-guess how much material is currently in your silos ever again.

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Getting the amount left in your A.C. Tank with a dated lever and pulley system is also no longer a problem with the A.C. Tank version of the Accu-Level. This equipment will help ensure that you never have to play the guessing game on how much material is currently in your A.C. Tank farm.

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Tank variant


Silo graphic


Accu-Level Perks:

The Accu-Level can be incorporated into your current PLC or be a stand-alone control. With our remote monitoring system, you can keep track of tank levels from any computer, phone or tablet that share the same network as the device.

Confidence to:

– Get more mix in your silo
– Tell your paving foreman exactly how much mix is left
– Know whether to keep the plant running or shut it down
– Keep your plant running safely

Measures within1½% accuracy.

This informative video below gives details on both the Accu-Level technology and its supporting monitoring application, the Tank Tracker.