The Problem.

As operators, you know that many factors can affect the result of your mix. Things like humidity, extreme heat or cold and the quality of ingredients just to mention a few. These factors can also affect your equipment, and if your machinery is not working at a premium, your output will suffer.
Asphalt plants are located all over the world and have to deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis. Over time, the elements can destroy important components making production difficult or nearly impossible.

A prime example of this situation took place with a producer located in Canada. They were experiencing severe corrosion and deterioration in the top portion and cleaning module of their baghouse. After evaluation by Stansteel engineers, it was determined there were several factors that contributed to the problem including higher sulfur in the waste fuel, material processing conditions that were highly corrosive and significant temperature changes during the production season.

The Stansteel Solution.

  • Maintenance on the bottom portion of the Baghouse, including the hopper section, the legs, the concrete foundation, a significant amount of electrical wiring updates, and other infrastructure investments.
  • Stansteel engineers traveled to the job site, measured existing site analysis and engineered a stainless steel baghouse top module with the appropriate bags, cages, pulsing mechanisms and more.
  • The unit fit perfectly on the same bolt holes for quick installation and easy start-up.

The Result.

Brand new baghouse performance with significant cost and installation savings. Even after thousands of tons of production, the unit is performing better than a new unit. This engineering approach saved the producer an estimated $125,000.

The bottom line is just because there is an issue with a certain piece of equipment, the answer may not always be to scrap that piece and start over. It is wise to get opinions from experts who can advise you on other solutions that will save you time and money. At Stansteel we are experts at providing those options for all brands, all makes and designs of asphalt plants and components.

We make your plant run better.