Did you know there are 6 ways to pay for your control system in a matter of weeks?

Accu-Track Advantage
Pay for Your Control System Stansteel

Unbelievably, DID YOU KNOW that many companies only calibrate their belt scales once a year (if that)? How would you like to have a built-in calibration deviation alert for both your belt scales and your liquid A.C. metering?

How much start-up and shutdown mix goes to the waste pile? It is not unusual for many contractors to report 100 tons or more a week in “pulldown piles,” which is really waste because the A.C. extractions are all over the place, so can’t easily be metered back in as recycle.

Do you lack the ability to upgrade your control or get timely service? Across North America, many plants and operations are facing extended unscheduled downtime because they cannot reach their control provider, cannot get either telephone or field back-up service or have components that are no longer manufactured. This cannot only cause a nuisance, it could be catastrophic in some cases if the control system cannot be fixed and the only solution is to replace the out-of-date and out-of-service control system.

Do you have a way of alarming your plant if you have a feeder no flow, a fines or dust pluggage, EMPTY A.C. tanks, or a high-level alert in your silos? With a general industry condition of fewer plant operators and grounds people, they have many tasks to take care of in a day. It’s almost impossible to watch and monitor everything on a plant, with truck traffic, loader feed and aggregate control. With the new Accu-Track Advantage, we are monitoring hundreds of points on the plant multiple times per second. Any upset will either give an alarm or sequentially shut the plant down, depending on how critical it is to the operation and integrity of the mix.

Do you ever have to wait for the extraction and gradation tests to “tweak” the A.C. percentage? If your operations are like many plants, it really can’t get started, particularly on critical government jobs, until the first run of mix is checked for A.C. content and gradations. Sometimes, people are adjusting it every day or certainly every week. If you can avoid this, you may start up immediately. Instead of having delays and penalties on a job, get paid bonuses for dead-on spec for your A.C. percentages, always hitting the target or being one- or two-tenths of a percent on the positive side.

How to Pay for Your Control System Stansteel

Did you ever need to add a component or change a procedure and were told the control could not be modified? As technology and materials advance, there will likely be more and more demand for adding more ingredients, whether it be hydrated lime, liquid anti-strip, chemical foamers, rejuvenators, RAS and many more. If the control system is a relic of the past, it might prevent you from doing this correctly or the manufacturer having a huge cost to make the modification, or it is done in a cobbled-up manner.

We would be happy to discuss this and many more aspects of having an ADVANTAGE when you convert and transform your out-of-date or antiquated plant controls. Please contact us for more details and a Zoom Demo!