The NiteOwl® Advantage Alert System is a multi-purpose electronic watchman for asphalt plants. The NiteOwl® System is designed to automatically call up to four phone numbers repeatedly until someone is alerted if the temperature of liquid asphalt or hot oil exceeds the pre-set high or low limits or when conditions are abnormal.

While liquid asphalt and hot oil monitoring is the most useful feature of the system, the NiteOwl® can also be programmed to call when confronted with a variety of upset conditions. For instance, if the power or a motor starter fails, if an intruder or smoke is detected, the system will alert the pre-set numbers. A prime benefit of the system is the remote accessibility of the NiteOwl® which allows an immediate update of plant conditions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location, using any telephone equipment. The system’s integrated microphone permits a caller to “listen in” for 10 seconds with each call to detect and monitor sounds or voices in the plant.

The system includes a rugged and reliable back-up battery that automatically recharges and provides 20 hours of continuous operation should A.C. power fail. Other standard equipment includes a temperature probe in a stainless steel drywell placed directly into the hot oil circulating line to continuously monitor temperature levels. A surface mounted temperature sensor is also available.

The well designed, easy-to-use keyboard permits the plant operator to set various control ranges, including time, dial-out phone numbers, number of rings before incoming call is answered, high and low temperature alarm limits and identification numbers, among other programmable features. The basic system installation is as simple and fast as installing a home telephone answering machine. Contact us today for more information!